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Our company’s co-founders come from diverse backgrounds that provide deep industry expertise. One in music production, the other in corporate finance. Absolute Sync was created to leverage their backgrounds and help bridge the gap between the creative side and the business side of music.


Glenn Coulson has worked in the music industry for 25 years as a recording artist, writer, and producer. He has recorded, he has toured, he has been signed, and he knows what it’s like to deal with labels and publishers in the industry. This experience gives him the ability to empathize with the artist, while also giving him unique insights to help them elevate their skillset.


Edwin Pavey leverages 11 years in financial services as an award winning Regional Sales Manager and Certified Financial Planner. Prior to his time in financial services he spent 5 years working in the camera dept for Film and Television productions. Edwin ensures that the business side is rock-solid so that the artist can focus on their craft while having the system in place to help them monetize their music.

Chris specializes in digital marketing strategy, innovation, funding mechanisms and business advisory services. Chris’ philosophy is that start-ups are built on great ideas, team structure, product strategy, execution and agility. Chris’ extensive start-up experience includes gShift (a SaaS Content Performance Cloud Platform), Hot Banana Software (a web content management system), and cgk Technologies (an Internet marketing and application development company).
Note: gShift was recently acquired by Mintent (2018) as well, Hot Banana and cgk were both acquired by Lyris in 2006 which is a publicly traded company based in San Francisco.

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