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Why Work with a Boutique Music Sync Agency

Do you want to work with a big music sync agency or a small one?

Should you choose a big agency and get access to the highest level of talent and the best minds in the music industry? Or do you want to work with a smaller agency that will offer you a more personalized level of service and will answer the phone when you need them the most?

What if we told you that you could have both?

Here’s why working with a boutique agency is the best of both worlds.

You’re Not Paying for a Big Agency’s Overhead Costs

Boutique agencies have exploded in popularity in multiple industries over the years because savvy buyers realized something: Big agencies often have big overhead costs, and you’re the one who ends up paying for them.

If you ever go to that big agency’s ultra-trendy office, you might find yourself sitting in their boardroom at the end of a reclaimed mahogany table. You may realize that you’re the one paying for that table and all of the other extravagances you see around you.

Boutique agencies are often founded by people who used to work in those big agencies. They started their own companies so that they could bring their big agency-level skills, experience, and business contacts directly to the customer at a much lower price.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Industry Connections

If you’re a musician looking to start a career in music sync, you might assume that the bigger agencies are better. They’re the agencies that give you a direct pipeline to the biggest names in music, TV and film, right? Not exactly.

Boutique agencies often have well-connected and well-respected veterans from the industry. Some of them are people that used to work for big agencies, and many of them are people that big agencies wish they had.

For example, our team is made up of people that have worked with such names as Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Wilco, Muddy Waters, Bruno Mars, Avril Lavigne, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Luis Fonsi, and Joss Stone.

Music Supervisors Get Quality and Adaptability

To a music supervisor, a strong relationship with a reliable music sync company is everything.

Their job is to get the perfect track to make their visuals come alive. Having access to a reliable boutique agency is incredibly valuable. It means they can work with someone to get the perfect song, or get someone to re-record a song as acoustic-only, while still getting it done on time and on budget.

What Can We Do For You?

Absolute Sync was created to bridge the gap between the business side and the artistic side of music production, while solving the most common problems from both sides of the industry.

We connect musicians to music supervisors and build the relationships that create success for both sides. Click here to contact us any time to learn more.


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